PA System ( abbreviation for public address system) is an important moiety of an occasion in the 21st century. Whether an event has a handful of guests or masses of young pax, a sound system is more than just a basic requirement . It is the means through which your voice ( or those of speakers) reach your audience not only clearly but audibly.

For starters, a basic PA System consists of the following:

  • Microphone – This is a common device and is used by artists or speakers.
  • Amplifier – As the world suggest, this device “amplifies” the signal received from the microphone ( or other source) and sends to the speakers.
  • Speaker – This is the “icing on the cake”  or ” the missing piece in the jigsaw” . Speakers produce audio input that your listeners can hear.

However , there’s more to a public address system than just the mentioned devices . Speakers need to be properly mounted so that the output is not only balanced but comfortable for the audience . We need components like speaker cables , tripod stands, microphone stand and a back up source of power.

So, have an event and wondering what to expect from the PA System Provider you’ve settled on? Or are you wondering the criteria you can use to gauge a good provider and steer away from the ” bad”? . Consider the following 3 paramount factors :


By far and large the most important thing to factor in the events industry , Quality is a compromise you can’t afford to make. A good PA System provider will have professional gear with clean and crisp sounds. In any event , the quality of sound is one thing people will talk about for years to come. Get things right by working with a sound system provider who has quality PA systems .


Picture this – your guests arrive at midday , but at this time your sound system supplier is running up and down trying to repair a faulty cable. This is CERTAINLY not a good way to start you occasion . A Good PA System provider in Nairobi should arrive and settle at least 1 Hour before your event is scheduled to start . That way , any faulty gear can be repaired and readied in time for the occasion. Neevy Entertainment LTD guarantees that your event will kick off in time and run flawless thanks to our dedicated team . We always test our equipment beforehand to make sure things run smoothly.

3. Versatility

Maybe your guests turned in large numbers than you had planned? Or probably you want some cool music during the breaks? A Good Public Address System provider in Nairobi will be versatile enough to accommodate extra audience. At the minimum they will have a “stand by” professional speaker . Plus , they should avail laptop music or DJ services at the earlier request . A good provider should also be in a position to offer full packages . This has two benefits . First , you will get a complete package at a considerably lower cost than having to source from different providers. Second , it saves you the hustle of coordinating different providers.

Whatever your event , you can trust Neevy Entertainment LTD to provide quality , professional and affordable services. We have a history of events and have been providing quality since 2014. Get in touch for:


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