What happened at the Tekno Mile’s concert

Tekno Mile’s event was one of the most hyped events in Kenya in 2017. Thousands of Kenyan fans expected the ‘Pana’ hit-maker to give a thrilling performance at Ngong Racecourse where the event was held. Thousands had booked tickets prior to the event and thronged to the venue when the D-Day arrived. Their enthusiasm and high expectations were apparent. However, they would return home frustrated due to the dismal performance of their star.


So what went wrong at the event? Despite being one of the most significant events in 2017, Tekno Mile’s concert was marred by poor organization and lack of coordination between the event performers. The event organizers were ineffective in arranging the venue which contributed to the chaos encountered at the start of the concert. There were only two queues to the venue. It didn’t matter whether you had a VIP ticket or not. Everyone had to queue in the two lines to get to the venue. This was frustrating for most people who had arrived on time.


Tekno Miles performing in kenya

Tekno Miles performing

Queues and Bribery

Besides the long queues, there were allegations of bribery which tainted the brand of the event organizers. It was claimed that some people bribed the bouncers with as little as Ksh 500 to get into the venue. If this is true, it is unfair for the thousands who spent a lot of money to buy their tickets. While these allegations were not verified, they created a negative perception of the event organizers among the fans. Also, the event attracted petty thieves who made the night a hell for fans. Hidden among the mammoth crowd, the thieves snatched phones and other accessories. This went on unimpeded throughout the night despite the presence of security and bouncers.

Dismal performance

Did we miss another issue? Yes. Tekno’s dismal performance occurred as a result of poor coordination between him and the DJ Crème de la crème. So what happened? Tekno was expected to turn up for the sound check before the event started. However, he kept the sound engineers waiting, and the event had to be started before he arrived. He performed some of his songs with a live band, but the performance turned from bad to mediocre due to poor sound and lack of syncing. In frustration, Tekno lashed out at DJ Crème for the mishap, but the worst had already happened. The crowd was already bored to death, and the event had lost its ambiance and hyped mood.

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Proper event organization

So what can we learn from Tekno’s event? There are applicable lessons we can draw from the concert. First, it is imperative to have a concrete plan for organizing an event. Event organization is not just about hiring a venue and selling tickets. There is more to it. Emphasis should be placed on organizing the event from its start to the end. Event organizers should consider hiring a spacious venue for the expected audience and arrange it in an optimal manner that enhances audibility. It is critical for them to plan how the audience will enter the venue and security measures to be deployed. This is key in maintaining order in the venue.

Coordination among event performers

Second, event performers should coordinate their activities. Event performers are not only musicians. The deejays, masters of ceremony, and guest speakers are also performers. It is vital to emphasize communication among the event performers. This lays a foundation for forging a close relationship which is instrumental in the collaboration process. The performers should collaborate throughout the event to ensure they are in sync and deliver the expected performance. Also, it is essential for the performers to practice before an event. This enables them to understand how they can collaborate during the event.

Experienced Deejay

Last but not least, one should hire an experienced deejay. We have many deejays popping up. Many of them train themselves with software and call themselves ‘veteran deejays’ without having ever used DJ equipment. I’m not tarnishing the new crop of deejays we have, but I doubt their capability. An experienced DJ should know what to perform and can work with anyone to ensure the success of an event. Such DJs are rare gems that one should be fortunate to get. Often, these DJs have their own PA system companies and deliver a comprehensive sound system service.

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In conclusion, it is essential to have a proper event organization plan. This plan should incorporate all critical aspects of the event including venue and security. Coordination between the event performers should be encouraged to ensure they are in sync and deliver the expected performance. Also, one should consider hiring experienced deejays who are adept in their profession and can provide a quality sound system service.

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