Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, a birthday party, or a wedding, the music you choose can influence the guest experience. Music influences emotions and has the potential to raise energy levels and ambiance in an event. That’s why it’s important to consider hiring a DJ. However, this is not always an easy process and it can make or break your event. Read on for our overview on events that need a Deejay, mistakes to avoid when hiring a DJ in Kenya, and steps to follow to get the best performing DJ in your event. 

Why hire a DJ for your event 

Hiring a DJ for an event comes with a lot of benefits. A DJ typically costs less and has access to many songs that you customize depending on the event. You also need less space for the DJ and their equipment compared to live bands. And the Dj can keep the music going throughout the event. 

For weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions, and other events, hiring a DJ lets your guest have a better music experience. For a wedding, the DJ can be set up for dancing through the night. In an all-day corporate event, the DJ can perform casual background music to set the tone and ambiance. For home parties, a DJ can accommodate song requests for your guests. Simply put, a DJ can enhance your event and make it memorable. 

Mistakes to avoid when looking for deejay services

When hiring a DJ, many people make mistakes that mess up their events. You don’t want delays, a bad music experience, or a DJ’s faulty equipment. To avoid such mishaps, you should avoid the following: 

1. Lack of Experience

This is one of the biggest mistakes that an event planner can make. The experience of a DJ is essential when looking for the best DJ in Kenya for your event. You shouldn’t settle for someone who hasn’t been in the industry for long. You need to work with a DJ who not only shows up for your event on time but is also professional and experienced. 

2. Cheapest DJ Available

Being frugal during your event is essential. However, spending little on a DJ to reduce your event costs may seem like a bright idea but can be a mistake for several reasons. An inexpensive DJ may not have the experience and professionalism you need. Also, they might have faulty equipment that might not work as expected. While penny-pinching might help you cut the costs, you should spend a little more to get a DJ with the right equipment and who is reliable. 

3. Not Booking Early

Booking a DJ in Nairobi might not be a priority in your event timeline, however, if you delay, you might not get the DJ you want. Many renowned and experienced DJs like DJ Neevy book events several weeks in advance. This ensures you get the DJ you’re hoping for. You’ll also have time to meet or talk to potential DJs before making your decision.  

4. Not Checking the DJ Equipment 

When hiring a DJ in Kenya, you should understand what equipment they will bring. If you want lighting setup or sound systems for your event, you should check with the DJ to ensure they can handle your needs. If they can’t, you should consider finding a different DJ or renting additional equipment. 

6. Not Discussing Your Expectations 

If you have specific music or unique requests, you should discuss them with the DJ in advance. Not sharing your wishes for the event can lead to the DJ doing their own thing which may not be to your liking. It also gives the DJ a chance to get any additional songs and prepare for the event. 

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Steps for Hiring a DJ for Your Event:

We give you the step-by-step guide to hiring a DJ in Kenya for your event. 

1. Search on the internet and check out DJ websites

A DJ with an informative website has the level of professionalism your event needs. The website should show the DJ’s portfolio and the events they have covered giving you detail of their talent and style. Make sure to check for reviews on sites like Google Maps. Check ours here. Reviews from buyers can give you more information about the DJ and get feedback on what past clients have had to say. 

2. Meet in person or virtually 

Before you hire any DJ for your event, you should schedule a physical or virtual meeting with them. While websites can tell you about their experience and skills, an interaction can help you assess them better before making a decision.

3. Ask about DJ equipment 

The next step in hiring is to make sure they have the proper equipment for your event. If it’s a birthday party, you may want karaoke, lighting, and a mixer. For a corporate event or wedding, you will likely need speakers, DJ decks, and more. Make sure you discuss with the DJ beforehand as you want the perfect-fit sound system setup for a proper experience in your event. 

4. Consider the cost

Established DJs like DJ Neevy will cost a bit more but you’ll get what you pay for. Remember, the quality of equipment and experience reflects in the cost. A cheap DJ may save your event money but also result in poor performance.  


Your event should be smooth and memorable. The amount of planning and work that goes into it should leave a lasting impression on your guests. With the right DJ for your event, you can ensure everyone has a good time. An experienced and professional DJ can handle the event with professionalism. Follow the tips we’ve outlined here and you’ll find that handling the entertainment part of your event can be the simplest part of your planning process. 

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