Are you looking to buy DJ equipment in Kenya for your setup? You should be well-informed before spending your money on Dj gear. With so many hardware options available, picking the right equipment can be confusing. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through the buying process and help you understand equipment options. Whether you’re upgrading your current setup or buying your first gear, you’ll find the tips in this article helpful. 

The Essential Equipment Every DJ Needs

A DJ setup should have some of the following equipment: 

  • Dj headphones
  • DJ controller and software for computer 
  • Speaker system (if you perform in events without a public address system)

DJ Controller

Most DJs nowadays use a simple digital setup consisting of a controller and laptop. It is an affordable way to start your DJ career and provides the features you need. The controller mimics the function of mixers and turntables. It enables you to mix music through the software and only plays digital files. There is a wide range of affordable DJ controllers that allow you to enhance your skills. Coupled with DJ software, you can reduce the learning curve and master deejaying skills. 

If you are looking for a budget option, getting a Numark or Pioneer DJ controller may be your best option. 

DJ Headphones 

A pair of headphones is critical to enable DJs to listen to and mix tunes accurately. It is an essential tool for identifying the right time to play songs rhythmically. When looking for DJ headphones, you should consider accuracy, rotating ear cups, and good sound isolation. It’s also important to consider comfort and flexibility when choosing headphones. A pair of high-quality headphones should not break easily when bent. 

Sound system

Having speakers is key to hearing your mixes accurately. Speakers produce the sound that can be amplified making it easy for you to hear how your mix sounds. When you start attending gigs, some venues may not have a public address system. With your sound system, you can offer both DJ and sound hire services to your clients. A good sound system incorporates a good set of full-range speakers that reproduce the best sound. 


Now you know about different types of DJ gear, what should you go for? For many DJs, a DJ controller is the best option. You must consider events or venues where you perform and do some scouting online. If you’re passionate about mixing, you have plenty of affordable choices available.  

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