Today (28th November 2017), is DJ Neevy’s birthday. We are not only celebrating his birthday but also his achievements and his role in the success of Neevy Entertainment. DJ Neevy is the founder and CEO of the company. He has been at the forefront in leading change in the company as well as expanding its services. As the founder, he has been committed to serving his customers and meeting their needs. His entrepreneurship skills have been key in influencing him to improve the brand awareness and reputation. As a budding entrepreneur, he is adept in aligning his services with the customers’ needs which has helped him to build his reputation.


Since establishing Neevy Entertainment, DJ Neevy has continuously expanded the company in response to changing market demand. First, he has acquired new sound equipment with the intention of improving the quality of his services. He has continued to expand his equipment by purchasing new equipment every year. As a result, the company’s capabilities have been improved which has contributed to an increase in the client base.
Second, he has leveraged online marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and reach a wide audience. Consequently, the customer repurchase rates and customer acquisition rates have increased significantly. To summarize, DJ Neevy has been successful in growing Neevy Entertainment and making it a renowned brand in the entertainment industry.

Happy Birthday DJ Neevy

On this special day, we appreciate the legend and congratulate him for a work well done. Happy Birthday DJ Neevy. May you live long to blow a thousand candles. Kudos for your excellent work and exemplary leadership at Neevy Entertainment. You are an inspiration to many. May you continue being a role model to those who look up to you and work hard to take Neevy Entertainment to new heights.

Our best wishes to the founder and owner of Neevy Entertainment on his birthday!

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