History of DJ Neevy

Neevy” is a term that means cool, groovy, or neat. The name reflects the traits of DJ Neevy who started his career as a Disc Jockey back in 2012. At the time, he did not have the resources to start a fully-fledged DJ service. However, this did not discourage him from venturing into deejaying. With only a laptop and the popular “Virtual DJ Software,” he started learning the art of mixing music. Within a few months, he had learned the ins and outs of the DJ software and had created several song mixes which he uploaded in the now-defunct Mixcrate and Soundcloud platforms.


Personal Brand

Since the start of his career journey in 2012, he has honed his skills and has become adept as a DJ. His passion for entertainment influenced him to start his own company, Neevy Entertainment, which has become his personal brand. With his leadership and exceptional sound mixing skills, the company has become an outstanding brand in the sound and entertainment industry. Having established the company in 2014, he has served myriads of clients most of whom are satisfied with his services.


DJ Neevy has not laxed despite the success he has gained with his company. Since establishing his company, he has continuously focused on improving the quality of his services as well as expanding his portfolio of services. He emphasizes on acquiring the latest robust sound equipment to enhance the sound experience he offers his clients. Most of them have become repeat clients and are confident with his services.

Event he covers

DJ Neevy is the perfect DJ for any event or function that requires sound system, PA system, or DJ services in Nairobi and across Kenya. Events DJ Neevy covers include but are not limited to the following

  1. Weddings
  2. Parties such as Graduation & Birthday
  3. Traditional Functions such as Itega & Itaara
  4. Dowry Payment
  5. Corporate Functions
  6. School Functions such as Graduation ceremonies, Sports Days & Cultural Days
  7. Campus Events such as Fresher’s Bash

With DJ Neevy, you can rest on your laurels knowing you have a professional, reliable and flexible DJ for your event in Nairobi or other parts of the country.

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