Please raise your hand if you have struggled to organize an event that can impress your guests. When organizing an event, your aim is to offer an exhilarating experience to your guests and achieve the intended goals of the event. A unique event is guaranteed to accomplish the established goals. However, for many, organizing an event seems to be a herculean task. It is not. If you want to learn how to organize an event that stands out, read on.

To be successful in organizing an event, you have to avoid the common mistakes by event organizers. These mistakes include hiring inexperienced Deejays and Masters of Ceremony (MCs), and failure to coordinate with the sound team. These mistakes can negatively impact your event. As such, it is appropriate to consider avoiding them.

Seat Arranged for an Event

Seat Arranged for an Event

You can apply the following tips when organizing your event.

  • Hire an experienced Deejay
  • Hire the right MC
  • Coordinate with DJ and MC throughout the event

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Hire an experienced Deejay

A DJ is an essential member of the sound system team. He can make or break your event. Thus, you should be cautious when selecting the DJ to manage the sound aspects of your event. An inexperienced DJ may ruin an otherwise good event. It is imperative to consider experience and reputation of a DJ before hiring him/her. Given the number of DJs popping up now and then, it may be somehow challenging to select the right one. However, it doesn’t have to be necessarily difficult to determine their experience. Googling ‘DJ for hire’ may not help but visiting their social media accounts such as Facebook pages can give you an overview of their skills. You should also check their reviews as they indicate the perception of clients towards the DJ’s services.

Why an experienced Deejay

DJ Equipment

DJ Equipment

All in all, your event needs an experienced DJ who understands your needs. An experienced DJ has the expertise of handling sound service in different events and has an in-depth knowledge of clients’ needs. Such a DJ can easily transition from one sound setup to another without causing sound hitches. Reputation is another key metric when selecting a DJ as it reflects the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the clients he/she has served. With an experienced and reputable DJ, you have the right person on the decks to offer an enthralling sound experience to your guests.

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Hire the right MC

Master of Ceremony (MC) is the go-to guy when you want to entertain your guests. An MC just like a DJ can make your event fun or ruin it. Hiring an MC shouldn’t be done in a hurry. This is a mistake that can result in hiring an inexperienced MC. When selecting an MC, consider their experience and reputation. The two metrics matter a lot as they reflect the expertise of the MC in their profession.

Google may show various MCs in Kenya offering event hosting services but cannot indicate their expertise. As such, it is up to you to determine whether the MC can handle your event or not. You can determine the professionalism and skills of a particular MC by visiting his/her portfolio which may be a Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, or Twitter account. This can give you an insight into their expertise and learn more about their services. While this process is not a foolproof way of hiring an experienced MC, it can help you to gather information key in making an informed decision.

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Why an experienced MC


An experienced MC has an in-depth understanding of your audience and knows how to curate a speech that aligns with the mood of the event and touches the minds of the attendees. Such an MC can appeal to the audience and effectively interact with them. Thus, with the right MC, you have an incredible person who can build momentum in your event and entertain your guests.

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Coordinate with DJ and MC throughout the event

Last but not least, it is imperative to coordinate with the sound team before and during the event. This team includes the DJ and MC. Coordinating with them before the event ensures they understand your needs. As such, they can deliver service tailored to meet your needs. Also, given that your needs may change during the event, communicating with the team throughout the event is not an option. You should constantly communicate with the sound team to update them when new requirements arise. This ensures a smooth sound experience that is a key ingredient in the success of your event.
Making your event stand out is not as hard as you think. With experienced DJ and MC, you have a formidable team to deliver a superb sound performance. Constant communication with the team is also imperative. Have you learnt a thing or two on how to improve your event? Share the article and help your friends learn how they can enhance their events.

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