These mistakes can ruin your event

Great events are unforgettable. Bad events are remembered for a lifetime. There is nothing event organizers dread like a ruined event. It can taint their reputation and scar their profession. No one wants a bad event but they happen because of common mistakes that can be avoided. Event organizers seeking to offer an exhilarating experience to their guests have to avoid these mistakes at all costs. The mistakes are:

  • Poor choice of music
  • Inexperienced sound team
  • Inappropriate venue
  • Lack of organization


Poor choice of Music

Music is an essential part of an event. It maintains the ambiance and reinforces the theme in an event. Without music, an event lacks appeal and tends to be boring. However, it is better than one with bad music. There is nothing annoying than attending an event where inappropriate songs are played. Can you imagine attending a funeral where love songs are played? I can’t picture myself listening to hits from Shayne Ward or Sauti Sol in a funeral. It’s just inappropriate.

Poor selection of songs can do more than harm to an event. Guests expect everything to be in order. Bad music can sabotage an event. It ruins the emotional atmosphere and undermines the theme in an event. Such music is guaranteed to turn off your guests which you don’t want.

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Inexperienced sound team

Quality sound experience is a gem in any event. Guests appreciate an event where the speaker is audible and the music syncs with their emotions. Such experience is hard to achieve especially with an inexperienced sound team. It’s hard to believe that event organizers still hire unskilled Deejays and MC. This seems to be a trade-off between quality and cost.
With respect to cost, an inexperienced sound team seems to be the best bet but it is a hard gamble if it lacks reputation. Such a team lacks the skills to easily rectify music hitches that arise or transition to a sound setup that suits a particular event. You can’t expect much from this team except bad music that hurts the ears. Failure to consider the experience of your sound team may burn your fingers badly. Often, you will end up with annoyed guests and a boring event.

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Inappropriate venue

Venue matters a lot. A good venue can impress the guests. A bad venue is a bad story. Often, venue is determined by the nature of an event. For example, a wedding takes place in a Church while a party is held in a club. The two venues matches the theme of the events.

A mismatch between an event and the venue is a mistake any event organizer should avoid. Imagine a birthday party being conducted in a morgue. Well, it sounds ridiculous. But that’s how many guests feel when they attend a venue held in an inappropriate venue. This is a serious mistake that not only raises ethical issues but causes many to question the professionalism of an event organizer.


A bad venue choice can create confusion among the guests and leave a bad impression. Some guests may walk out of the venue if it offends them. No event organizer wants to see people leaving his/her event. Thus, it is imperative to select a great venue that matches the nature and theme of an event.

Lack of organization

Failure to organize is organizing to fail. This saying applies to event management. Organization is detrimental to the success of an event. Poor organization implies lack of coordination and failure in event management. An event organizer is expected to be focused and attentive to details. Failure to live up to these standards can be disastrous.
Often, lack of organization in an event is reflected by the venue arrangement and schedule.

Without proper organization, a venue may not be arranged well and in time. Sometimes, seats may not be well arranged which can make the seating space uncomfortable for some guests. Poorly arranged seats can constrain the guests’ view of the podium which may negatively impact their experience. Let’s not forget that delays are a common outcome of poor organization. Delay in schedule may eat into your guests’ own schedule and can affect the overall attendance.

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These mistakes seem petty but have serious implications on an event. Event organizers have to avoid them in order to successfully conduct events. Do you know other common mistakes that can ruin an event? Share with us in the comment section below.

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