With 2019 starting , it’s that time of the year when the event season is at its peak . Corporates , individuals and institutions alike will have varied  activities that require sound reinforcement and entertainment services . As such, its is prudent to make early bookings for PA system.

What are the benefits of an early booking ?

  1. To begin with , you will be able to secure the best and most reputable service provider. Neevy Entertainment has established itself as a leader in the sound industry over the years. We recently powered the 16th Enactus conference bringing together universities from across the country.
  2. Second , you will be able to secure a good deal and even enjoy discounts . Service providers often offer incentives to attract early bookings , and you can take advantage of them! It could save you good money. Grab our offer today!
  3. Third , you will avoid the hassle and stress that comes with last minute bookings . You won’t have to make frantic calls or gamble with service providers for your event!

Whatever your event , you can also talk to the team at Neevy Entertainment . We are always available on our mobile lines 0719670370 or 0756702802. We are the go to company for PA System for hire in Nairobi!

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