PA System For Sale In Nairobi


PA System for sale in Nairobi

Looking for the best PA System for sale in Nairobi? Since time immemorial, a PA system has been a key component of the events and entertainment industry . Organizations such as churches and  schools use public address to reach their audience with ease. In addition , auditoriums  and amphitheaters require the systems to serve hundreds and thousands of people . A lot of research has been conducted and today there’s a wide array of equipment to choose from.

So what constitutes the best pa system in Nairobi? What factors do you need to consider to make an educated decision? Here is our simple guide to make things easy as you do your shopping:


wireless microphones

The old adage “you get what you pay for” never goes wrong. Quality is one factor you cannot compromise when it comes to sound. Remember, anyone can easily point out poor quality from high quality from miles away and it could be the difference between a happy or a frowning crowd. Whether purchasing pa system for a church or live sound needs, look out for quality. Thankfully , there’s a wide array of quality equipment in the market to choose from. At the Neevy Entertainment Music & Lighting shop , we stock quality pa systems from renowned manufactures including Behringer , W Audio , Numark , Wharfedale and LD Systems.

Passive VS Powered Speaker

A powered speaker comes with the amplifier as well microphone connections built in , therefore offering a simple, less cumbersome and portable solution . On the other hand , passive or non-powered speakers don’t have a built in amplifier . They require separate amplifiers and mixers but have their own advantages in some settings.

Apart from being lighter , passive speakers are easy to mount and repair in case of damage . You can consider integrating the two options in your setup to get the best out of them. It all boils down to preference and , perhaps, how you plan to be using the speakers.  It is paramount to understand your needs well in order to choose the best pa system.

Shopping for quality PA Systems for sale in Nairobi? Looking for a shop that offers a wide variety? Welcome to our shop located at Embu Center , Basement along Kilome Road. We don’t just sell but rather we take you the nitty grities of your equipment so that you get the best out of them! Give us a call on 0719670370 or 0756702802 .








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