Neevy Entertainment has a set of robust sound equipment that designed to produce high quality sound and make your event lively. We have made it a priority to improve our Public address systems by acquiring powerful sound equipment. When the company started, we had a few equipment which served us well. The growth of our company has been largely driven by the new equipment we’ve purchased to enhance the quality of our services.

Sound Equipment description

Our sound system includes the following equipment:

  1. Bass speakers, Full-Range speakers and Mid-Range Speakers. These are powerful machines that produce quality filtered sound to give clarity to your event. With speakers, you can talk to a large audience without any sound constraints.
  2. An amplifier is included in our equipment collection to enhance the quality of your sound. Through the amplifier, we can adjust the volume and bass of sound.
  3. A sound mixer is an important equipment for our sound company. It is the masterpiece that belts out a unique blend of music adjusted for your event.
  4. Microphones are an essential part of our sound system. We have cordless microphones with a wide range. A speaker can use them without being limited to a specific range. We also have corded microphones to suit different needs.
  5. DJ equipment is a critical sound equipment which helps our Deejay to mix a unique list of songs aligning with the mood of the event.  With a master DJ on the decks, you get powerful tunes ranging from the old classics to the new generation beats. We stock modern DJ gear including Numark and Hercules!
  6. Also, we offer a powerful generator which serves as a standby source of power in case power gets lost. Thus, you need not fear when you have power problems in your event. We got you covered.

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With these equipment, we are well placed to provide quality sound equipment rental service. Our clients have a wide selection of sound equipment for hire which are guaranteed to provide a smooth sound experience.


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