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Faced with the reality that the novel Coronavirus-19 is right in the country , the question whether to go on with events or postpone is one lingering in many people’s minds. The ripple effects of this pandemic are vivid . Public gatherings have been banned with the events industry bearing the brunt and it’s a tad difficult to predict when normalcy might return.

So, do you cancel? Neevy Entertainment thinks otherwise. The authority has permitted small gatherings of upto 15 Pax , meaning you can have that party right at home or your dream wedding at your preferred venue .  Plus, we are offering customized services to suit your event whilst making sure all stipulated guidelines are adhered to .

Karaoke Party

Karaoke machine

There’s no better way to mark your birthday or anniversary than with a Karaoke party! As Your Entertainment Partner , Neevy Entertainment has continued to improve our karaoke services while keeping the package affordable. We will bring the party to your home , with setup and delivery on us . Our equipment are professional yet easy to use and come with a detailed music book . With a simple look up, pick all your favorite tracks and sing your heart out . We are also happy to work on your playlist and have everything ready!


Weddings with Neevy Entertainment

If you’re planning for a small intimate wedding event , Neevy Entertainment is the right company to pick for the ultimate entertainment . We have a track record of turning weddings into parties and boast hundreds of successfully covered events . Plus, we offer complete packages with setup and delivery at your budget! Our professional DJ will work in sync with our MC to make your wedding memorable , and our sound systems are professionally setup for the best sound resonance .


Don’t postpone the party !

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