Sound is a crucial element of public address system service that can make or break your event. Sound not only includes the speeches made in an event but also the songs that are played. The songs are imperative as they enhance the mood and ambiance of an event. Without songs, an event can be dull and boring for the attendees. As such, event organizers consider songs to be of utmost importance. However, selecting the songs appropriate for an event is a hectic job that seems to challenge many. Many organizers find it difficult to choose songs that align with their events. This can be problematic and can negatively impact an event.


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Why event organizers choose inappropriate songs

Often, event organizers lack the knowledge of matching songs with the mood of an event. This limits their ability to select songs that fit a particular event. For example, event organizers without a good understanding of club events may not know the kind of songs that the revelers want. Similarly, event organizers without sound knowledge of wedding events may do a terrible job of choosing songs for a wedding. Furthermore, confusion may arise when there is a small database of songs. Narrow selection of songs implies that the organizers have to settle on few but inappropriate songs which are guaranteed to wreck their events.

Consequences of choosing the inappropriate songs

Inappropriate songs can harm the mood of an event. This is the worst nightmare for any event organizer. Organizers are expected to offer an incredible event experience for the guests. With songs not fit for the event, the expected mood may be disturbed. Take an example where the event organizer plays club songs in a wedding. This can be a music mismatch that can taint the wedding event. Besides undermining the mood and ambiance of an event, the music mismatch can make the event boring for the guests. A lively event involves the right set of songs and robust sound equipment. While an event may have the right PA system, poor choice of songs may break it. Also, event attendees may be annoyed by the songs played at an event. This may be tragic for any event organizer as it can destroy their reputation and affect the outcome of the event.

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What to consider when selecting songs for your event

Given the consequences of music match in an event, event organizers should be attentive when choosing songs. In particular, they should consider the type of event. This factor determines the kind of music that aligns with a particular event. First and foremost, organizers should analyze the type of event to identify its mood. This can give them a deep insight into what genres of music that can fit the event. For example, sadness is the dominant mood in a funeral. With this in mind, organizers can try to figure out songs that align with the context of the event. In funerals, emotional songs with slow beats can be appropriate. An excellent example of a funeral song is Senzenina sung by a Kaka featuring RedFourth Chorus. You can check it below.

For weddings, love songs can be the best as they match the ‘love’ context of the event and enhance the mood. One popular Kenyan wedding song is Sura Yako by Sauti Sol.

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How DJ Neevy selects songs

Having been in the industry since 2014, DJ Neevy has unparalleled knowledge in music selection and mixing. He is not only a master of the decks but also a guru when it comes to choosing songs that align with any event. He does this by first analyzing an event to determine its context. This enables him to have an in-depth understanding of the mood of the event and identify relevant songs. Dj Neevy has a large database of songs which gives him a wide selection of music from which he can choose from. From Kigooco, Lingala, Ohangla, Kenya Gospel, to RnB, he has them all. As such, he can select songs of different genres that align with a particular event. Additionally, he liaises with his clients during the song selection process. This is instrumental in choosing the right songs that are validated by the clients. You can consider adopting the method used by DJ Neevy to select songs for your event, or you can reach out to him to help him handle your event. The choice is yours.

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